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Class 12






Fruit And Seed Dispersal


Censer mechanism of seed dispe...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Censer mechanism of seed dispersal is found in

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Papaveraceae Liliaceae Leguminosae Rosaceae

Answer : A

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Chapter NameFruit And Seed Dispersal
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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students today we have a question here is a sensing mechanism of seed dispersal is found in AC AC leguminous and lastly I have a rose easy to let's talk about these options one by one and let's talk about this sensor mechanism so what is this tension mechanism to this is the mechanism in which the fruit in which the fruit is shaken so this is the mechanism in which the fruit is shaken forcefully with the help of wind to is shaken forcefully with the help of this went and the seeds they come out seeds they will come out in small in small clusters or aggregate and this mechanism of forcefully

coming out of seeds this is known as the sensor mechanism so first for let's talk about this paper variety show the plants of this family they possess this sensor mechanism and What happens in these kind of plants they wait for a brisk wind they wait for the wind that will enable to and fro motion that will enable to and fro motion of the fruit of the fruit and then the fruit will be able to disperse the states and the example we have a step away they wait for a brisk wind blew 12 promotion of the fruit so the first option is correct option to our question that means paper abrasive family they possess this kind of sensing mechanism

fruit chicken for school with the help of wind and the seat they come out in small aggregates and this mechanism is known as Central mechanism according to this the sensing mechanism this is the correct option for me this paper very easy sew in Lisa there is no seat disposal that take place and in case of leguminous e root nodules root nodules these are present and Visa helpful and dispersal of seeds and the last we have is used to what happens in juicer see the seed dispersal that takes place with the help of animals animals and sometimes even so the correct option we have with us is first option to a question and other options are there for the incorrect one because this sensor mechanism this only happens

papa crazy family

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