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Practice Assignment


Cells in a multicellular organ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Cells in a multicellular organism can live independently,

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Question Details till 30/06/2022

Chapter NamePractice Assignment
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
Question Language
In Video - English
In Text - English
Students Watched6.9 K +
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Question Video Duration2m1s


this question we ask that the cells in a multicellular organisms can live independently write this statement we can anyway se is not correct or we can say it is draw say we discuss why it is wrong because the cells of multicellular organism would not survive as independent cells because the body of a multicellular organism if we can't see any of the multicellular organism let se a tree right or any human right or any cat or dog right they basically exhibit organisation right they basically exhibit organisation at several levels status tissues organs and the organ system and the organ systems are basically what happens is that in multicellular organisms that so many cells right and there are certain cells which are

right and they are different from other cell to the cells which are similar structure and function they group together right and they form a tissue right similarly then so many cells was formed so many groups and they will be called as tissue not there are tissues right and there are certain group safety shoes which will show similar function and structure so they will all together form a group and will form the organ right and different organs in a body assembly formed the organ system write some where each and every cell is somewhere on the other related is dependent right so we can simply say multicellular organism they can't live independently right because there are they exhibit organisation at several levels that is tissue organ and organ system

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