Caryopsis is the fruit of


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students the question has been God says karaokes is the fruit of corpses base basically are type of you and which the carrier of this type of 21 found from the one seed that is it is developed from the monocarpellary seed flower and it can use of indisn it is and isn't that is went through drive in does not open and it is dry and one more condition that is the outer layer that is pericarp it is of the fruit is used with the test and that is the seat good night Shuddh dyskaryosis and this type of root majorly occur in green so Greens
belong to poaceae family so latest talk about their options given here so we talk about the post option that is coconut coconut is not correct option because coconut belongs to the family is optional and current and avittam talk about brinjal and tomato Bhutan Dam belongs to solanaceae family that is brinjal and tomato the both belong to solanaceae family this option is also incorrect and talk about the last option given that is maize in solving soumis install the belongs to the belong to the poaceae family so this option
correct option is correct because karaokes is the fruit of maize production is head correct I hope this is clear to you thank you

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