Question : Capping in hnRNA is catalysed by

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Capping in hnRNA is catalysed by

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Poly A polymerase SnRNAGuanyl transferase Catalytic RNA

Answer :


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the question is capping in Asian Aryan 1 is catalysed by the first option only a government transparency and the cattle it exactly why it happened and what is that thing that kept in 10th edition of GTP GTP will Air at the point test and agent Arya Ne so that process is known as a capping so kept important process this process is

done by one enzyme ribosome complete we know that the synthesis process is done by the Messenger RNA messenger RNA have very important role will start encoder after that it will start functioning in the translation process also started to the translation is not possible if it is working or not be done is very important for this translation process and the capping of that is also a initiation no

or we can say the initiation will be active when the capping is done so translation is not possible if the capping is not be done or is getting let so because the cat is identified by 18 as our any will be it is also very important war because this is the ribosome unit already this is given as a third option that SR RNA that is there one or two of the ribosome it is also help in this capping process and identify these are

help to identify and after that the capping process will be start this capping process is done ideas Governor transparent subhanal transfer is the enzyme this transfer is enzyme will had in the capping process of this h a r e and when the capping process of HR in it done after then the translation will be started difference can be catalyzed by three enzyme among the RNA triphosphatase RNA transfer is RNA methyltransferase but that that the height an

important one need help in the capping of these are the correct option is Agent Orange that is the governor transfer fee of the nature and Asian RNA is catalyzed by transferring the correct option

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QuestionCapping in hnRNA is catalysed by
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