Question : Can you think of a situation where we deliberately want to make a species extinct? How would you justify it?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Can you think of a situation where we deliberately want to make a species extinct? How would you justify it?

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Yes, there are various kinds of parasites and disease-causing microbes that we deliberately want to eradicate from the Earth. Since these micro-organisms are harmful to human beings, scientists are working hard to fight against them. Scientists have been able to eliminate small pox virus from the world through the use of vaccinations. This shows that humans deliberately want to make these species extinct. Several other eradication programmes such as polio and Hepatitis B vaccinations are aimed to eliminate these disease-causing microbes.


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in this position will be on whether they can be a situation where we deliberately want to make a species extinct and if so how could justify such a situation when we talk about the word extension we are basically referring to the loss of biodiversity essay on a b there is a very rich biodiversity we can say the level of fishes richness is very hard which means that many different species many varieties of plants and animals micro these different kind of what we are staying in recent times this that because the different human activities affect and populations of some species have the clients so badly that in the near future and face the threat of extinction that is completely being wiped out completely disappeared from the surface of

situation because biodiversity is very important in natural ecosystem the more the biodiversity Remo the different kind of fishes that are making up biological community or biotic community ecosystem vacancy in diversity loss is something that human beings working we are taking many steps for biodiversity conservation to reduce the alarming rate at which extensions are taking place at the species are being lost wheat rice countless benefits from food medicine Industrial Products all of this will depend on

ecosystem and the human race cannot remain healthy and natural ecosystem extinction it is something that human being a working we are trying to prevent fishes from going extinct trying to prevent population of wild plants and animals from declining but in the question we have been can there be a situation where we deliberately want to the contrary to what we want biodiversity to be concerned we want to the different writers species of flora and fauna we think that to deliberately human beings places to go extent that such a situation as possible some species in human lives in area and and particularly we talk about

micro and mini micro bacteria viruses total which actors fact that they enter healthy human beings body and some of the diseases that every large number of human life saving lost because of human being can do in such a situation is that we try to minimise the population of this passage and we want to make sure today not able to X not able to increase in numbers and sense the parasite it is necessary for them to find the host and entered its body so that they can survive which is obviously not desirable for us because we are their host what is where the host and their entering a body causing diseases and life cannot be raised

to prevent this particular species of disease causing microorganisms from going extinct deliberately we want to go extinct we want to wipe out some special which is actually happened through immunization there are some diseases which has been completely wiped off from the face of the then found in the human population and even they have been eradicated to check for a particular disease when the parasite when the disease causing organism is going to enter any human body they are going to find a hostile and going to be able to call the degrees or grow or multiply that human body against which human population is widely used by the most common example of this is a

viral disease which came the large number of human laser treatment for it has been gone extinct because human beings it and once the human population was vaccinated against it it would find no suitable host so when we talk about biodiversity conservation pictures is beneficial to us or not whether is commercially important or not because we consider biodiversity to be a very important resource and rich biodiversity is thriving biotic community is necessary for the health of any ecosystem and whether it's useful to us every special has an intrinsic value only have to work towards biodiversity conservation

if a particular species is beneficial to these particular species these pathogens are so detrimental biodiversity of earth so many human life to protect this one spacious that is when doing immunization when we are doing section we are deliberately trying to make causing microorganisms situation can be seen from human beings are trying to control when rather than trying to conserve biodiversity talent and to prevent extinction human beings are deliberately working in the opposite direction meeting to wipe out a spacious and it can be justified as we have discussed because so many human lives arrest because of this little diseases that to protect one single specials on one single strain of a we cannot call such a hazard of human

beings life

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