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Burning of fossil fuels affect...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Burning of fossil fuels affects one of the folowing cycles in nature

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Text Solution

water cycle nitrogen cyclephosphorous cycle carbon cycle

Answer : D

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Chapter NameEcosystem
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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Hello children latest try to understand this question and answers so it says burning of fossil fuels effects one of the following cycles in nature whenever we're talking about the various cycles of our environment or law related to an activity now when we say fossil fuels what are basically fossil fuels fossil fuels are something that is going to exhaust that means it will get over or over the time ok and it is naturally produced that is why and it is and it takes a long time to get reduced so we have no Shetty how long it will check and what happens when you are burning them for example petrol diesel are burning then what happens is that not only uses the entire fossil fuels like they increase a

fossil fuel consumption but along with that they affect the nature and atmosphere also letter C with cycle are the effective when we talk about water cycle water cycle is basically what their water is evaporated evaporated then it is condensed in the clouds after cloud they are coming back to earth ok so this is very simple Rasoi comes in the form of rain I don't feel so there's any kind of relation all right now when we say nitrogen cycle what is nitrogen cycle is the atmospheric nitrogen is not able to be absorbed by the plants and humans that requires some kind of bacteria to work and provides a nitrogen ok so basically nitrogen cycle is what atmospheric nitrogen

two plants nitrogen to plants alright but what happens when we born fossil fuels the over burning of fossil fuels actually effect this a lot because the nitrogen value in the environment get changed it get up and down because of this and that is with atmospheric nitrogen is not able to convert and other needs are not fulfill or we see the Phosphorus cycle in carbon cycle also when we talk about Phosphorus cycle at means that the Phosphorus is actually getting transferred from different layers of the layers of tropic layers can be the only to a biosphere Hydrosphere like that when we say carbon cycle carbon cycle is the carbon from the various resources are getting utilise back to earth ok so getting utilised

these are the simple ways that we can understand 5 try to make it more and more simpler with the simple terms here that is utilised again like that the correct answer for us will be nitrogen cycle in a nitrogen cycle the burning of fossil fuels effects nature clarify your doubt thank you

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