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Briefly describe the structure of the cerebellum in human brain and mention its functions.



hello students in this question meaning to find out briefly describe the structure of the cerebellum in the human brain and the mention its functions to let the structure of cerebellum is a part of the brain and it is also called as a little brain so just like the cerebrum it is also got the two cerebellar Mr Davis is divided into two cerebellar hemisphere that is the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere the second largest part of human brain this is what cerebellum is well developed in the human brain it consists of two lateral cerebellar hemisphere and the centre worm shaped structure which is called as a woman is here you can see it is a warm shaped structure here with the centre of the centre part is called as bonus and the like the cerebrum the cerebellar hemisphere are also have grey matter on the outside comprising three layers of cells and fibres the middle layer
practice ki consists of Plassey blood cells which are called as a work in Jesus these are the cells which are present while talking briefly about the structure of this we can see that the it is also a convoluted just like the cerebro Kaun bolate surface is having conversations in it so the conversations are just like the guide and sell Kai and they are the elevation and depression so as to increase the surface area for other It accommodation of additional number of neurones were here we see that there are certain features also hear the primary feature can be seen very clearly between the anterior lobe and posterior lobe is interior law and procedural law as a primary fisher between the interior and the first serial of this is at the show which exists between the anterior and posterior lobe on both sides here we have the right side this is the right side Ham is there as the left side hemisphere is on the on the other side now here you see what are the functions of the cerebellum cerebellum is muesli involved
controlling the Rapid muscular movement and muscular moments when we talk about Rapid muscular activities that will include the cycling talking typing and it also helps to maintain the balance of the body balance of equilibrium of the body is maintained by this involved while all the activities of the cerebellum or involuntary it is also involved in learning at early stage narrative latest is a early stage so I will see that it is involved in the balance alcohol at the depression for this once that is why there is a description of the gate when was the walking style will differ when the person is under the effect of the alcohol this is about the structure of the cerebellum and some functions of the cerebellum this is this very thank you


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