Bivalent chromosomes clearly appears as tetrad in


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the question is bivalent chromosomes clearly appear as tetrad in and the options are zygotene pachytene diplotene diakinesis so here we are talking about the proof is one stage which occurs during meiosis 1 and 10 Pro vs 1 it is further divided into five faces which are leptotene the first one is protein S is zygote alright third one is packet force is diploma and the last one is diakinesis what happens in each of these stages that the if we talked about the characteristic features of these stages in laptop in the chromosome their line write the chromosome the alignment of chromosomes takes place and in zygote synapses occurs
that is the synaptonemal complex is formed and in packet in stage crossing over of the chromosome takes place alright crossing over of the chromosome takes place and in this particular stage the chromosomes they appear as stated they are formed during this zygotene stage but it is the short-lived stage and therefore they are not fully visible in this stage they clearly appear in packet team all right and what happens in diploma 3 the Mata is formed as Mata is formed and indirect and assess the terminal terminal is addition of Chasma takes place and the chromosomes again become condense chromosomes become condensed or right so the question is that when do bivalent chromosomes appear clearly so they appear
clearly in packet although they are formed zygote in but this is short-lived state and they are not clearly visible in the bottom because I've gotten is short lived and the Detroit is clearly visible in marketing so this is the right answer

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