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Plant Growth And Development And Plant Movements


Banana is natural parthenocarp...

Banana is natural parthenocarpic fruit due to

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Banana is natural parthenocarpic fruit due to


Text Solution

(a) Triploid nature (b) vegetative propagation (c) high level of auxins in ovary (d) treatment with certain phytohormones

Answer : C


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Banana is natural parthenocarpic fruit due to
Chapter NamePlant Growth And Development And Plant Movements
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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the question Silk Banana is a natural parthenocarpic fruit due to which phenomenon so here we see that what is parthenocarpy it is induced by two methods of this symbol is provided by pollination alone and taken the role of auxin hormone in popular development if we need to tell that which hormone induces copy it is the chemical name is in this object from Own It promotes cell division and elongation it help in development of this part of copy it occurs naturally artificially induced examples of

banana as it is given in question and artificially induced it can produce seedless watermelon so with the production of fruits without fertilization of plants variety know feat produced which option is applying nature vegetative propagation and increase of banana missing that the main flowers are the right the fertilization cannot take up to the development of a fuel and fruits without fertilization it occurs through the induction of phytohormones which is

auction auction and gibberellins but the most common is that why Banana is a natural parthenocarpic fruit because it has without fertilization and if you see option is a high level of oxygen because of it auxin hormone and take certain part of the brain which produces parthenocarpy but for this question and most appropriate answer


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