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Class 12






Kingdom Monera (The Prokaryotes)


Bacterial DNA is...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Bacterial DNA is

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Text Solution

StraightHelicalMembrane boundCircular and free

Answer : D

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Chapter NameKingdom Monera (The Prokaryotes)
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello the question that is given over here is bacterial DNA is the first option is straight the second option is helical the third option is membrane bound and The Fourth option is circular and tree so lete solve this question so we need to first understand that bacteria belongs to prokaryotes so what are prokaryotes these are the primitive genetic material containing cells so here there will not be any distinct nucleus but there will be a nucleoid that is there will be a circular genetic material that is a circular DNA will be present and that DNA will be free ok Sofia the first option it is given are straight so straight is a feature of eukaryotes so this is obviously the wrong hands and it is not also helical and the third option is given as membrane-bound CBR telling that Bacteria is a prokaryote

we know Prakar the primitive organisms and they will not be having any membrane-bound structures so we know that here there will not be having a distinct nucleus which means that all the nuclear material will be found suspended in the cytoplasm so they will not be having a nuclear membrane or they will not be having any specialised cell organelles that are bounded by the member of the nuclear membrane is absent whereas in nuclear membrane will be present in this is not the right answer and the bacterial DNA circular and tree

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