Question : Auxins are abundantly produced in

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Auxins are abundantly produced in

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ShootMeristematic region of stem/rootRootLeaf buds.

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hello students have a look at the question question is auxins are abundantly produced in options are shoot management equation of stem or root root leave but see the oxygen oxygen these are the important plant growth regulator we can write a test that these are important which plant growth regulators means it regulate the various activity growth regulator activities of the plant these are important plant growth regulator and their production in the plants they are naturally produced and there are certain with synthetic auxins are also present in naturally in plant these are present in national leaders at present in medicine matic reason of the these are present in medicine

reason of stem or root these are present in marriage matic reason of the stem and root and if you see the functions of the oxygen are mainly involved in a filter function their needs a function in plant is they regulate the apical dominance that is the main function apical dominance that is being controlled by the toxins also the promote the parthenocarpy for that is formation of the seedless fruit without fertilization parthenocarpy and also their role in the day prevents the immature falling off the lives of these are the major functions of the plant growth regulator of these and other common example off plant growth these plant growth regulator these are indole Acetic Acid that is one of the important natural tree of oxygen that is other one is a indole butyric

these are the naturally occurring in the portion thereof asked about exams are abundant reproduced in should incorrect because should they have been specified reason what part of suits on that basis we can say this is incorrect medicine Arctic region of tomorrow that is actively dividing region that is correct or we can say that the tip of the stem or root root similar they haven't mentioned which parts of the one that we can correct option live person correct option B is correct popularity thank you

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QuestionAuxins are abundantly produced in
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