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Human Reproduction


At which stage of life is ooge...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: At which stage of life is oogenesis initiated in human female? When does the oocyte complete oogenesis?


Text Solution

Solution : During embryonic development, after the attainment of puberty at every menstrual cycle.


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Chapter NameHuman Reproduction
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hello everyone to the question here is that at which stage of life is you Genesis initiated in human female when does the outside complete oogenesis in the question basically starting of the onset of the oogenesis it is asked in the human females and the completion of that process of oogenesis it is right so what we see in the process of oogenesis what is basically Genesis is it is basically the formation the process of formation of functional haploid over it is the process of formation of functional haploid over haploid over over is basically the cell the reproductive cell of the use of the

females the egg cell over is basically the egg cell bad so this is the thing and this a applied over it is formed from the diploid germinal cells which is found in the ovaries so what we see that during the embryonic life of the female or we can say during the fetal life during the fetal life or we can say the embryonic development when a female developed inside her mother's warm during that time of it and embryonic development the formation of this basically the Genesis it began to the oogenesis the stages of the use and if they begin read Ujjain Is It begin

at this face when the female when the baby when the female is in the form of foetus inside her mother's warm to the oogenesis it is it basically starts up there there are lots and lots of numbers of over basically vacancies that are formed at the time right and what we see that during the lifetime afterwards a lot of number of them are damaged and 2008 and apart from those few thousand only near about 1,000 of the over they are being being utilised in the entire life of the female read that is the menstrual cycle what happen every month or female name states and in that cycle the over it is released from the ovary it is the effect is not fertilized it is removed from the body with the menstrual flow with the Andrew endometrial shedding that

this is what happens and twin total almost 1,000 near about 1,000 we can see the five 500-1000 of the eggs they are released during the whole life so what we see that here the origin is it starts and the cells of the oogenesis day they are basically arrested at some point of the cell division during the people face basically the oogenesis it has started here but during the life when the baby is born when the girl female baby is born that female baby it is given the fetal life it has a having it is having the Overseas arrested the cells of the oogenesis it is there arrested in the fetal in the fetal life at some phase of the cell division and after that when the event we see when the cell cycle it again start at the

puberty store Adda puberty again the maturation of these cells it occurs to the maturation it occurs at this time the at the time of puberty so hair the origin is it any easier than at the time of It stays at that face only a middle face and at the pivoting the maturation begins and when the egg is fertilized when the over it is fertilized by form then with the formation of the second polar body with the formation of the second polar body the oogenesis IT completes the formation of second polar body oogenesis is completed and S is completed right so basically when the secondary oocyte hair we can see the formation of the secondary side if this secondary suicide it is fertilized then it will form the second polar body

and with formation of the second polar body after the fertilization then the oogenesis it is completed at which stage of life is and initiated is during the embryonic life and when does it was completed it is that after the fertilization with the formation of the second polar body thank you


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