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Class 12






Human Reproduction


At what stage of life is oogen...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: At what stage of life is oogenesis initiated in a human female?

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Text Solution

At pubertyDuring menarcheDuring menopauseDuring embryonic development

Solution : Oogensis is the process of formation of functional haploid ova from the diploid germinal cells in the ovary. Oogensis begain during embryonic development but is completed only after fertilisation of the secondary oocyte with the sperm.


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hello everyone to the question that is given over here is at what stage of life is oogenesis initiated in a human female so the first option is it but the second option used during the third option and The Fourth option is during embryonic development to solve this question to have an idea of what is the wind to Genesis is we can see that refers to over or what is called the egg and Genesis refers to formation formation that is called as the bonium will undergo some finally from the oven you will first transform itself into a primary site and the primary oocyte will now transform itself into secondary

light and the secondary oocyte will finally develop into the over or now complete analysis process be initiated now considered there is a female poet is that is developed inside the Mother's this is the warm and this is the female fighters when we are always telling that it is a female poet then we should understand that there will be development of ovary inside this is the ovary of the female Fighters and this ovary will be having several follicular cells that is undergoing development so the process of oogenesis initiated when the female is in the mother's home itself it is the first option the first opportunity at puberty is nothing but attainment of sexual maturity and is usually

nurse at age 13 of female and this is not the right answer with the second option is during when it is also nothing but it is little see the third option that is Menopause Menopause is the stage where menstruation stops and manage occurs in women that are 40 to 45 years of age so event this is not the right answer at what stage of life is Ujjain is this initiative is served origin is initiated the embryonic development itself should answer for this particular question is during embryonic development


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