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Class 12






Families Of Flowering Plants


At times Banana fruit is obser...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: At times Banana fruit is observed to be double. It is due to

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Text Solution

Abnormal fusion of ovariesDisease in ovaryCleavage of developing ovaryGrowth of an aborted flower.

Answer : A

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Chapter NameFamilies Of Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Text - English
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hello students are the question question is at times banana fruit is observed to with rubber it is due to options are abnormal fusion of ovary disease in ovary cleavage of helping Gowri growth of an a butterfly so if it is a banana fruit banana which is a having a seedless fruit formed by parthenogenesis without fertilization and this banana fruit showed one important condition that is termed as a Singh Anya it is a condition that can be commonly seen in the banana fruit this condition is in this the ovaries of the banana fruit there were normally fuse or we can say that the future of our specifically abnormal fusion it is a not the normal or abnormal fusion of ovaries occur in the banana fruit

that condition is known as a singer near due to Singhania condition it give rise to the pear fruit due to this abnormal condition paired fruits are being a fruit Sahab inform that is these ovaries fuse abnormally in a manner that give rise to the that result in the pear fruit so that's why at time not always at times banana fruit is observed to be double the option option is available fusion of ovary is this is correct or we can turn the taza it is due to the Singhania condition disease in ovary is the disease will occur definitely fruit will not be formed because whether it's the one ovary to over that will not lead to the doubling of the over so it will impact the growth in correct option cleavage of writing of this is also in correct growth of an a water plastic bottle green growth of Underwater plant will not result in the doubling of

the fruit it will impact on the growth of the growth of this is also incorrect so correct option becomes option A hope you get it thank you

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