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Class 12






Molecular Basis Of Inheritance


Assertion : Synthesis of daug...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Assertion : Synthesis of daughter or new srand accurs continuously along the parent 3' rarr 5' strand. Reason:DNA polymerase can polymerise nucleotides in 3' rarr 5' direction on 5' rarr 3' strand.

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If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertionIf both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertionIf assertion is true but reason is falseif both assertion and reason are false.

Answer : c
Solution : (c) : DNA -polymerase nucleotides only in `5' rarr 3'` direction on `3'rarr5'` strand because it adds them at the 3' end

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Chapter NameMolecular Basis Of Inheritance
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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in this question we are given the assertion and reason and assertion is that the synthesis of daughter of the new strand occurs continously along the parents titles in 3-25 dash stand right and the reason that given to us is that DNA polymerases can polymerize nucleotide in 3-2 5-5-2019 cli these in a DNA replication right DNA replication where in the simply copy right where in the DNA simply copied and more a number of strands of DNA are formed write mode in response to basically your as we know that DNA basically consists is double helix right it basically has two strands right so basically the 2

DNA Tibet get separated right so each of the two strand act as the parental strain and right act as the parental stand and then new strand is basically synthesise which is called as the daughters trend that combined with the previous parental strand right and call and form more DNA copy southernmost these are the two more DNA copies at a phone from this DNA this basically have one printer stand and one new daughters rights with this basically the parental strand is basically from 3-25 tash right and the and the synthesis of the daughter stand it occurs spontaneously write it occurs in a continuous manner right so we can say that assertion is true right now we consider the reason for the DNA polymerase

write the DNA polymerase write news DNA polymerase nucleotides only read DNA polymerase can polymerase can polymerized the nucleotides only in 5-23 dash direction not in 3-2 5-6 this is wrong you're right it is false that because the DNA polymerases basically polymerize nucleotides in 5-23 dash direction on the 3-2 5-10 because it at them at the three dash right so hence the reason is false right we can simply they say that is partially super the reason is false and the correct answer is basically option 3 right

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