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Aiims 2009


Assertion. Protandry and proto...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Assertion. Protandry and protogyny ensure cross fertilization. Reason . Cross fertilization introduces variation in progeny.

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If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertionIf both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertionIf assertion is true but reason is falseIf both assertion and reason are false.

Answer : B
Solution : Most of the animals have sex organs. They are either males or females. But in şome lower animals, the organs of both the sexes are found in the same individual. These are called bisexual or monoecious animals or hermaphrodites. In these animals, testes and ovaries do not mature simultaneously. For example in earthworm, testes mature earlier, while in others, e.g., sea-squirt, ovaries mature earlier, These conditions are respectively called protandry and protogyny. They ensure cross fertilization.Cross fertilization is a process in which gametes derived from different individuals are united to form zygote. It involves the mixing of two different genetic materials. This is better than self-fertilization as it introduces variation by combining traits of two individuals.

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Chapter NameAiims 2009
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students the question we have is of assertion and reason type 2 let's see if the given statements are right or wrong first of all talking about the assertion statement it says that proto entry and true to kindly and sure cross cross fertilization sea water what is the meaning of these terms Pro 2nd and protogynous what is most commonly seen in higher animals that the animals are usually that is there are other males or females but what is evident in case of some lower animals that they are found to be bi sexual write some lower animals are found to be bi sexual or we can also call them hermaphrodite they can also be called as hermaphrodite right now what is the meaning of bisexual that they have both male as well as female

sex organ that means we have both testes as well as over the difference lies hair that the maturation time for both these organs it differs sometimes test is or sometimes ovaries may develop and earlier in the case when testes they mature first in an bisexual organism if the testes are developing and measuring first then that situation is called as proto and re-read this situation is call protandry and this can be seen in case of earth example of this situation is earthworm write whereas on the other hand if in a bi sexual organism the ovaries are developed first

and they are getting mature first then this situation is called as protogynous write the situation is proto granny and example we can take care of the sea squirt this is the meaning of the terms that are given to us in the questionpro to Andre and protogynous these two situations or by sexual organisms it in shows cross-fertilization write it and shows cross-fertilization now what is the meaning of cross-fertilization that give m from two different individuals are fusing and forming the zygote to different individuals of vacancy to different organism formed

and their resultant zygote has a genetic material which is which is which has come from two different organisms through this is helpful for the process of variation that supports or we can see cross-fertilization supports variation so the reason statement that is given to us is it says that cross-fertilization introduces variation in project in this is absolutely right because the resultant zygote is a result of gametes which have come from two different organism with which have a different genetic makeup so both the statements that are given to us they are correct write both assertion and statement both assertion statement and reason statements are right but reason is

not the correct explanation for the assertion therefore the right answer would be option B assertion and reason both are true but reason is not the correct explanation for the assertion

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