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Assertion: Louis pasteur showe...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Assertion: Louis pasteur showed that in flask open to air, new living organisms appeared in the heat killed yeast culture. Reason: Life arise from pre-existing life.

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Text Solution

Answer : B
Solution : Louis Pasteur, by careful expermentation, demostrated that life comes only from pre-existing life. He observed that in pre-sterlised closed flasks, life did not come from killed yeast while in anotehr falsk opento air, new iving organisms arose from kille dyeast. He showed that the source of the new apearing micro-organisms was the air and the organisms did not arise from the nuterient media.

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Chapter NameEvolution
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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type question a statement used after showed that in flask open to air you living organisms appear in the heat is correct Louis Pasteur carried out the experiment with Swan neck flask to disprove the theory of abiogenesis many Greek philosophers and he were the scientist at that time believed in this theory for the origin of life is also known as the theory of spontaneous generation because these people believe that living organisms life could come from V non living matter in a spontaneous so there was no requirement of any pre-existing life for the origin of life and from the non living matter according to the theory of spontaneous Generation new life could

come in order to disprove the cherry tree structure carried out in experiment where she took up on next class and he put heat kill these culture inside this after sterilizing the flask was such a flask was kept covered he observed that there were no living organisms even after a long time inside the flask whereas in an uncovered flask which was open to the air the living organisms order maggots flies were found for this route that the propagules for the origin of life were in the air is the class exposed to the head living organisms where is the class which had been cover the free sterilized class in which year was not allowed to enter did not have any such living organisms theory of spontaneous generation was destroyed during the experiment this a correct statement as a

result statement is also called life arises from preexisting Life obviously at the time of origin of life is was not true for the origin of life we believe in the theory of chemical evolution but this origin of Living a life forms from the non living matter Audi in organic constituents which present on the parameter was not happen because of the parameters were the conditions were very different ways of reducing atmosphere the unstable climatic condition lightning thunder volcanic storm extremely high temperature so that all these conditions this inorganic constituency led to the formation of many diverse organic molecules which later aggregated together to form the precursor to the living cell but if we talk about the condition is on the earth now

no such processes forcible and life can only arise from the pre-existing life it cannot spontaneously arise from the non living matter as many people believe that according to the theory of abiogenesis over here we are going to say option 20 are correct answer both of these statements are correct what reason is explaining the assertion statement

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