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Assertion : Emasculation is removal of male parts.
Reason : Bagging is not required for emasculated flowers.


Text Solution

If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.
If both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion
If assertion is true bur reason is false.
if both assertion and reason are false.
The correct Answer is C
In case of bisexual flowers, the anthers of the proposed plant are removed before they dehisce. The process is called emasculation. The emasculated flowers are immediately covered by paper or polythene bags by the process called bagging. It prevents unwanted pollen to come in contact with emasculated flowers.


hello everyone now we are going to understand this question and this question is assertion and reason based question to statement are even so the first statement which is emasculation is removal of male pass ok we need to know that what is emasculation escalation in done and in this process removal of male part of the flower which a Antha or stamen
Shuddh male part is removed in this process ok so according to this we can say that darshan is the true it is true and the and other information about emasculation is this also in the plant breeding plant breeding and of this process intern of this process because for the crop improvement and various other benefits of this process to been done ok and the reason statement is given packing is not required for image related flower so speed
discuss the reason to in the reason if statement the plant which plant is used for emasculation that plant is called emasculated plant related image related plant and this was created plant is necessary is necessary begging is necessary for this emasculated plant because of that is backing is not done if packing is not done so what happened the land I'm falling green r18 this ok and intention is not being done because the intention of
emasculation is weak and Pollen we can pollinate this plant according to our desirable and undesirable Pollen Grain or other desirable character so we can say that is very necessary for this process so that the only random pollination random pollination prevented this is the reason and again we can say that reason statement is all because wagging is wired for image related flower ok so
when we discuss about the option so the third option which is the assertion is true but reason is for this option is correct answer of this question hope you understand thank you


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