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Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants


Assertion : A typical microspo...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Assertion : A typical microsporangium of angiosperms is generally surrounded by four wall layers - epidermis, endothecium, middle layers and tepetum. Reason : The outer three wall layers perform the function of protection and help in dehiscence of anther to release the pollen.

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Chapter NameSexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone now we're going to understand this question in this question assertion and reason are given and we have to find this reason is this reason is correctly explain by this assertion or not ok so firstly we talked about the assertion assertion is a typical micro microsporangium of angiosperm is generally surrounded by Gwalior data epidermal endothecium middle layer and the reason is the outer 31 layer perform the function of protection and help in distance of anther to release the pollen so

let's proceed first of all we need to understand that microsporangium as given version microsporangium microsporangium Purnia epidermis middle layer

capital is tapered so as given in the exertion microsporangium generally surrounded by the least four layers and in the reason ok so according to this explanation assertion is through ok assertion is true and Navya do the reason in in the reason the outer three layer that mean that means 20 relare relare perform the function of protection and help in the developing these three layer help in the devising so it is correct these three layer help

distance of anther dehiscence of anther by which Pollen mature pollen grains are released ok so this is the sort of structure of anther and in this was told there are present a smaller pollen grains are present CEO in in the reason only explain three layer the function of only three layer ok but in the assertion

mention the epidermis endothecium middle layer and taped impacting the reason only three wall function are showing in reason so that the option s mean if both assertion and reason our true but reason is not the correctly explanation of assertion this option is true because in the reason only three layer mean only three layer function it mentioned here except ok because it up at engineer because they padam and tapetum main function is the main function of provide provide

Naresh mint to the developing developing Pollen Grain Pollen Grain the function of this Tibetan layer this innermost layer is not in the reason so that we can say that option 2 option to is correct option ok hope you understand well thank you

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