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Class 12






Nta Neet Set 19


Asci are sexually reproductive...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Asci are sexually reproductive structures formed in

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Text Solution

MorelsSaccharomycesCalviceps All the above

Answer : D

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Step by step video solution for [object Object] by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

Question Details till 27/06/2022

Chapter NameNta Neet Set 19
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
Question Language
In Video - English
In Text - English
Students Watched4.2 K +
Students Liked46 +
Question Video Duration1m57s


hello everyone question here the uski are sexually reproductive structure formed in so here are some options are given we have to find the correct answer for what is the SP this as it is also called as the ok and these skills are the sexual spores containing these are sport containing cells containing cells and T cells are elongated cells along with dead cells so this structure this is constructor can be fine Hindi Punjab receptions for containing cells can be found in the front and in Panchayat they are mainly found in desi6 ok my Punjab this ascospores are formed by the mitosis process ok force

Pan by mitosis process and here when we talking about the options for CSE model from this model is it that belongs to the ascomycetes ok and this is also called as asset fund a so yes this contains be as close to hear this one correct option next is a sacrament so we know that saccharomyces is the edible Panchayat that forms the IT forms sugar ok it also comes under the act ko message when is this option is also necessary conditions so cal apps is we also panje that belongs to the ascomycetes so here the Canvas is we also correct answer items of oral question here is D all of the above that contains the ST as a sexual reproductive structure thank you

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