Areolar tissue is a type of connective tissue.


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Step by step video solution for Areolar tissue is a type of connective tissue. by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 7 exams.


hello students send this question we need to talk about the areolar tissue that it is a type of connective tissue or not so here we can say that first of all the given statement is true and why is it true because here we are talking about the areolar tissue and areolar tissue are the week and Seth type of connective tissue we have various types of connective tissue in the body like the skeletal system and we have the cartridges and the bones and we have also the tendons ligaments tyohar considered the connective tissue and areolar tissue is one of the path in areolar tissue we are basically talking about the blood The extracellular Matrix and in extracellular matrix we have collagen fibres and fabrics fibres so these all are basically connecting the different parts and the different cells to form the tissues and hear blood we know that
is connecting the different parts of the body and that is why they all are considered as a type of connective tissue and that is why the given statement is true thank you

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