aquatic animals and aerial animals.


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Step by step video solution for aquatic animals and aerial animals. by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 6 exams.


hello everybody the question here is what are the aquatic animal and the area we are taking the aquatic animals live in water they are known as the aquatic so example our fish October ensure they have Gill as their respiratory organ also they have streamlined body what is the timeline body that means it taper as we go away and I have king
locomotory organ that means the moon with the help of Sudheer Aadi let come to the area and what are the area animal these animals this spend most of that time for example as feed bat you can save Birds Eagles all these what are the adaptation know they have light so that it is nice to me in the year they have pneumatic bones means the bones are filled with Air
Tonight they have you cry these are the aquatic and the area was living in water and a really living in a year

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