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Locomotion And Movement


Appendicular skeleton is made ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Appendicular skeleton is made up of

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pectoral and pelvic girdlefore and hindlimbsgirdles and limbsall of these

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Chapter NameLocomotion And Movement
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone in this question of appendicular Skeleton is made up of a four options presented that skeleton system it made up of bones and cartilage and it has for locomotion internal organ and to protect our body from external environment for about the skeleton system here we see more Turbo number 206 and it divides into two parts first one is HCL and it is made up of total 80 board they are cal vertebral column that is left ribs and sternum and the other part

appendicular skeleton rest of this act shall skeleton De our lives at griddle that the whole part of body length and greater it is part of appendicular Skeleton now let's check out the options given first one is pectoral and pelvic girdle and pelvic girdle is shoulder shoulder bone and it is the cheap 44 and slim leg leg bones and poly means are griddle as I have told you that incredible that was so

bowl of shoulder hip and all total bones they are made up of and is a part of appendicular Skeleton so here as the answer is all of this because they are part of appendicular Skeleton I hope you found is video you


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