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Question : Apocrine secretion of gland means

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

when the product is released the cell <br> remains intact entire contents of cell is discharged with <br> the destruction of cell when part of apical cytoplasm is lost none of these

Answer :


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students let's start with the question that patients De the creation of glands mean when the product is released still remain in the content of the destruction of the cell when part of Africa cytoplasm is law of the understand what is opposite farming and most deserving are in the design of the chest

grandpa plant in skin and usually having only have to type when we talk about this we have to describe that in context to the question also serving the torque in induction the question option 2 option latter part of apical cytoplasm is already decide what is the opposite of gland and what is its purpose is why it occurs while

usually are which is which are the 10 plants which have some order so why does it occur that is so because of the apical cytoplasm in law

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QuestionApocrine secretion of gland means
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