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Class 12






Anatomy Of Plant Parts


Annual growth rings are forme...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Annual growth rings are formed due to activity

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Text Solution

extrastelar cambiumintrastelar cambiuminterstelar cambiumboth B and C

Answer : b


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Chapter NameAnatomy Of Plant Parts
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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the question is annual growth rate are formed due to the activity and options are extra Stellar cambium interstellar cambium interstellar on both real to the formation of annual growth Reigns win first sculpted what is the complete cambium in to a champion ring which is also known as the vascular cambium is formed by the intrafascicular cambium auto interstellar champion this is formed by intrafascicular

also known as interest tailor tailor tailor cambium is what form is the secondary xylem on the inner side and the secondary phloem on the outside and due to the differential are cambial activity of the circular can be due to differential different types of Differential camp activities during autumn and spring season during autumn rain will see what is the difference between the camel activity in both these Seasons during autumn what happens there is a narrow s

bring home the formation of secondary xylem and at the time of spring season there is a formation of wild secondary xylem to write secondary xylem ring from this differential cambial activity this together for the annual growth rate this is what is considered as the annual growth rate of growth see here as we have discussed this annual growth 3 is formed by the differential candle activity of the

champion which is formed by the intrafascicular or the interstellar Cambrian NCR the final answer as annual growth rings are formed due to the active interstellar cambium


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