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Cell Cycle And Cell Division


Anaphase I and Anaphase II...

Anaphase I and Anaphase II

Video Solution: Anaphase I and Anaphase II

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Step by step video solution for Anaphase I and Anaphase II by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.

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QuestionAnaphase I and Anaphase II
Chapter NameCell Cycle And Cell Division
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students have a look at the portion question in anaphase and the anaphase 2 so you will see the both our faces and it is one and anaphase to pursue these boots are part of the music is it is a type of cell division which occurred in the sexually reproducing organisms so it is off to type 2 and it is a part of the meiosis 1 anaphase 1 and 2 it is part of the process to see what is the difference between these two phases and Phase 1 and phase 2 enough we can say that the

restart gets separated and start moving toward the poles to home chromosome is chromosome De separated chromosome Tum Logon is chromosome this chapter rated and moved towards the separated and move start moving toward the and move toward the poles starting move towards pole so this is the and sister chromatid because it is a reductional division it is that type of reductional division reductional division mean a chromosome number

it can be reduced to the half as it is a it is a type of it is a type of cell division which occur in the gamete formation to hear in Chrome pictures previously documented the dingle apt 22 sister chromatid this gets separated and move towards the poles and say that the two sister chromatic to sister chromatid instant of the two women August chromosome these get separate and move towards up old separated and towards this is a basic difference between the two that's why it's enough is one and office to hear and enough is robust chromosomes are there in an office home office chromosomes are there and in the anaphase 2

romantic sadhya this is it to get it thank you