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Class 12






Anatomy Of Plant Parts


an undifferentiated mesophyll ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: an undifferentiated mesophyll is found in

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Text Solution

isobilateral leavesdorsiventral mesophytic leavesdorsiventral xerophytic leavesvertical leaves.

Answer : a

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Chapter NameAnatomy Of Plant Parts
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students the question that we have a hair is an undifferentiated Mizo phyll is found in the options are isobilateral leaf dorsiventral mesophytic leaves 7050 cleaves or vertically first of all what is it is the inner parenchymatous tissue which is found in the cell does the inner parenchyma collenchyma right and this layer it contains the chloroplast which are necessary for the process of photosynthesis right so we have four options are let's consider them one by one first is the isobilateral leaf now in these leaves the field that is present is undifferentiated it is not differentiated into different and it is present as a spongy parenchyma only this would be the correct answer for this question in case of ISO

bilateral leaves the Mizo phyll is undifferentiated right now let's consider other options as well as option that we have is dorsiventral mesophytic Lene in this case it is differentiate into two layers we have upper palisade parenchyma and lower spongy parenchyma there is upper layer of palisade parenchyma and then there is second or lower layer of spongy parenchyma is differentiated into two layers here next option that we have is dorsiventral 0 firak leaves in this case as well as in the vertical in third and The Fourth option the nasopil is differentiated into three layers there is upper and lower Palace so

3 layer arrangement in case of these leaves the sponge present in the middle so in the isobilateral leaves only it is present in an undifferentiated form one is the correct answer to this

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