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Nta Neet Set 47


An aldehyde and a protein, res...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: An aldehyde and a protein, respectively, of vitamin A found in the eye are

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Opsin and retinalretinal and opsincarotene and opsinKeratin and carotene

Answer : B

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Chapter NameNta Neet Set 47
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Video - English
In Text - English
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in this question we have to look at the given options and select the one in which they have given and aldehyde and protein of Vitamin A which is found in the inner thigh we have a structure called written on which the image is formed now in inner layers of this pretty no 3 type of cells we have the bipolar then a ganglion cell and then we have our photoreceptor cell we know we have two types of photoreceptor cells in rods and cones what is the mechanism of vision eye how are we able to see for this the light sensitive substances present in the photoreceptor cells are responsible these light sensitive pigments are

called the photopigment and what is going to happen when the light of visible wavelength is going to enter I it causes some changes in these rods and cones synthes rods and cones the photopigment are mainly made up of two type of substances on one hand we have an aldehyde of Vitamin A which is known as retinal because these for vitamins are in the retina and the second thing we have a protein called option which is again a derivative of vitamin A so these are associated with each other but when the light enters it induces some changes in this photo pigment such that there is a dissociation of retinal from opsin so this association is going to cause some changes in membrane permeability

result and action potential will be generated which is going to stimulate the ganglion cell and action potential with the help of the optic nerve it is sent to the visual cortex of our brain where the brain interpret these action potentials of the stimulus with husband friend and accordingly the image which is made on the retina this light is recognised on the basis of previous memory and Experience so we talked about the mechanism of vision in I then if two types of photoreceptor cells in these we have light sensitive pigment called the photo pigment which is made up of an aldehyde of Vitamin A call rate in an and derivative of Vitamin A which is a protein called option so both of these resources from each other when light enters the eye

and as a result of this the optic nerve send the action button on the neural signals to the to the visual cortex so here are correct answer is option be the substances associated with the photopigment can I add written and and

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