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Class 12






Biodiversity And Its Conservation


Among the ecosystem services ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Among the ecosystem services are control of floods and soil erosion. How is this achieved by the biotic components of the ecosystem?

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Text Solution

Solution : Plants play a significant role in the control of floods and soil erosion. Their roots bind soil particles firmly and do not allow the top soil to be drifted away by wind and surface run off. This in turn stops siltation and prevents floods.

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Chapter NameBiodiversity And Its Conservation
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone questions ecosystem services are control of blood and soil erosion how is biotic components of ecosystem biotic components of ecosystem comprises of the living system letsryde Biotech system Biotech system light light plant control flood and erosion plants control flood and erosion and what actually happens is the root and thus prevent the erosion so root

hold the soil and thus when they are holding the soil they are eventually preventing the soil erosion roots make soil powder so route make when they make soil Porus what will happen that there will be an impression of water and hence it will prevent the flood to root make soil porous and the third we will be talking about what is tense for it does is that dense forest slow down the water dense forest slow down the water flow slow down the water flow and when the water flow is slow down so

eventually the blood and soil erosion just being reduced so we can say that root play a very important role because they hold the soil and then when the holding the soil of not just does the also make soil pot and does allowed the infiltration of water and their for preventing the the dense forest system that is also a biotic component the dense forest slow down the flow of water and therefore keep a check on flood and this is also this question

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