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Mineral Nutrition


Ammonia synthesis by nitrogena...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Ammonia synthesis by nitrogenase requires

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high input of energysuper oxygen radical`Mn^(2+)`none of these

Answer : A
Solution : The ammonia synthesis by nitrogenase requirea a very high iniput of energy (8 ATP for each `NH_(3)` produced).

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Chapter NameMineral Nutrition
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hello letter start the question 2 question says Ammonia synthesis by nitrogen is required and options given Yara input of energy option to is super oxygen radical option 3M N2 + Houston forest none of these letters which one of them is correct now the reduction of atmospheric nitrogen nitrogen to Amulya NH3 is called as biological nitrogen fixation ok to conversion or reduction of the inert atmosphere of Nitrogen that is into Ammonia that is NH3 is

known as biological nitrogen fixation only some prokaryotic organisms are capable of fixing N2 and such microbes are called into pixels now this into fixes contain an enzyme that is known as micro Junaid and this nitrogen is capable of reducing nitrogen also this enzyme is hydrogen is required to fix most favourite nitrogen ok and this nitrogen is made up of protein its activity

nitrogenase requires high input of energy what it does it catalyzes the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia synthesis of this Ammonia requires high input of energy it requires around it ATP for Ammonia that is NH3 so if you consider the overall reaction involved in the N2 fixation is N2

+ is electron + 8 hydrogen + 16 ATP full form 23 + H2 + 16 + 16 PR if you see all the options here we see clearly Ammonia synthesis by nitrogen is require high input of energy that is number one number one is correct thank you

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