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Class 12






Neet Mock Test 10


All the following statements a...

All the following statements are correct, except

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: All the following statements are correct, except


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Interphase is the shortest period of cell cycleCell growth,in terms of cytoplasmic increase,is a continuous processCycles of growth and division allow a single cell to form a structure consisting of millions of cellThe replicated DNA are distributed to daughter nuclei by a complex series of event during cell division.


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All the following statements are correct, except
Chapter NameNeet Mock Test 10
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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all the following statements are correct except option first is interface is the shortest period of cell cycle this statement is incorrect alright cell cycle is what we have three things happening in the cell cycle first is the duplication of that is the genetic material duplication S is increase or equal to of cell constituent that are all the organisms that a present inside the cell formation or increase or the duplication of these cell constitution and third is division of this journey known as

the cell constituency in 22 daughter cells during the first called as the interface and the second is called as the right is the phase where the second division takes place that is the mitosis or right which can be divided into karaoke karaoke what nuclear division right and cytokinin cytoplasm division leading to the formation of two daughter interface be have various places where the

cell growth and DNA replication as well as protein interface can be further divided into one face to face is the place where the cell growth is taking place right and it is the DNA replication in the space of the synthesis phase DNA replication takes place and in the G2 phase the protein synthesis takes this phase is quite large it is also called as the resting face so the smallest phase is the end phase where Mitosis

only taking place is also cytokinins is the shortest is in the cell cycle with the cytoplasm division take this statement is wrong with the other options at a given to the second option sale cell growth in terms of cytoplasmic increase is a continuous growth is a continuous process this is a correct statement or write only the the whole process that is taking here that is the G1 phase growth the DNA replication as well as the protein synthesis is a continuous process that is without any hurdle it is carrying write a topic that happen is during the mitosis alright where the cell division takes place otherwise this whole process continuously happen right to this statement is correct

cycles of growth and division allow single cell to common structure consisting of millions of again this statement is also correct various cycles of growth that interface as well as the a that is the division allows a single cell to form multiple daughter cells which are called as the millions of the rights to this statement is correct are distributed to daughter by Complex series of events during titration that has been replicated is distributed to the two daughter cells through a b in a b have what have mitosis as well as miosis and there are various phases of mitosis and meiosis also which is called as trophies metaphase

and these are the subdivisions of mitosis and meiosis which ultimately divide the DNA data is replicated to these daughter nuclear so this is also correct statement as the title interface is the shortest period of cycle which is wrong and q


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