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Class 12






Test 9


All of the following statement...

All of the following statement are correct except.

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: All of the following statement are correct except.


Text Solution

In Balanoglossus,excretion takes place through proboscis gland All vertebrates are chordates but all chordates are not vertebratesPlacoid scales are found in OsteichthyesMammary glands are defining character of all mammals

Answer : B


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All of the following statement are correct except.
Chapter NameTest 9
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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student question is all of the following statements are correct except in Baleno process take place Through The Robot is Glen next one of the vertebrates are chordates but all chordates are not read next one is the platform scale found in cycle memory gland or defining character of all the mammals are the first statement which is given by the excretory organ is the proboscis gland is proboscis gland it is present in the front portion of Central sinus and the central Saina will be project in into the robots is column is Prabhu

column is also known as a rose Om this they will add that only product in the presence of Brown and yellow green and brown and yellow granules are the excretory product of this statement which is given their the second what all vertebrates are chordates but all chordates are not the classification of chordata so they have a c compiler and 30 are you rok auditor Janta ka reporter

the third one is vertebrate have no top it is this Motocorp it to turn into the vertebral column so that the thing is that the animals are known as a different when this Autocop are turned into the water table column so that the animals considered as a body but that means what you Prada at a part of auditor Auditor in Europe not

because they are Indian auto court will not converted into the portable polyp coordinator or not or not the statement is also now the third one black white black quotes is a one type of tiny scaling and these tiny tough is Ed in special shark and the recipe their skins are very smooth this type of tissue have the black white skin side they had different type of cell and that is known as a Tenu

so this Te n so this kind of cell present in the Osteo sites sites are mainly the Bony fish page are available in the sea clown fish and fish rohu Katla then there are few examples are pesh Pradesh order group of osteoarthritis so this object it is have the special and the cell is rather than oil the black white cells are found in different type that is not in the Pony in the last on memory Aarti finding Pata of all

mammals have some special features which make them different from the other animal they have the or they are giving birth to the child and after the child bird giving birth to their young ones we can say after birth to their young ones there in addition their child to the milk and milk is produced in the mammary gland and this will happen to a one for more which is known as a prolactin for more so when the prolactin hormone is released after the deliveries of mammal so they will produce the milk and milk help in the management of

it is a very important characteristics of all mammals recharge not available in other vertebrates animals this statement is also the incorrect statement scale are found in a queue


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