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Class 12






Test 9


All of the following statement...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: All of the following statement are correct except.

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Text Solution

No mixing of genetic material or new variations are generated by asexual methods of reproduction. Life expectancy is based on average life span. Most hermaphrodites do not reproduce by self fertilisation. Asexual reproduction is seen in Periplaneta.

Solution : Only sexual reproduction is seen in Periplaneta (cockroach). In the cockroach, dioecious/unisexual condition is found which means male and female organisms are different. The male partner releases sperms in the form of spermatophore into the female genital chamber where the eggs get fertilized. Asexual reproduction is not seen in cockroaches. In the asexual mode of reproduction, no fusion of male and female gametes takes place so there are no chances of any variation in the offsprings. <br> Life expectancy is the maximum time duration in which an organism can live. It depends upon the average life span of the organism. Hermaphrodites carry both the sex organs within the same organism, but the maturation time of the gametes is generally different so chances of self-fertilization are quite less.

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