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Kingdom Fungi (Kingdom Mycota)


All members of fungi imperfect...

All members of fungi imperfecti (Deuteromycetes) group lack

Video Solution: All members of fungi imperfecti (Deuteromycetes) group lack

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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sexual reproductionsporessexual reproductionhyphae

Answer : A


Step by step video solution for All members of fungi imperfecti (Deuteromycetes) group lack by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.

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QuestionAll members of fungi imperfecti (Deuteromycetes) group lack
Chapter NameKingdom Fungi (Kingdom Mycota)
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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fashion hair is that all members of the fungi imperfecti Duro mice seeds De group lakh sexual reproduction sports sexual reproduction or the highway hair right now if you talk about the determi seat charite enteromycetin it is saying that there is the absence of the special sports write the sports they are known as the Canadian here right there is absence of Kanadia in case of fungi imperfecti here right now why it is known as the fungi imperfecti diet or we can call it as the imperfect fungi right because there is some kind of Imperfection is this right and this is the group right which two not completely fits into the fungi here right whenever we classify the fungi that is based on the biological species concept

right or that is based on the morphological characters so whenever we see the imperfect fungi here so according to the biological species concept and their morphology kal characters they do not actually fit your rights and this morphological characters it includes the sexual structures as well right now if you talk about the sexual structures here that means the structures or we could say the gonads which are involved in the sexual reproduction here right to in case of fungi imperfecti It is seen that there is the lack of this sexual structure shirt right and there is never the observation of the sexual reproduction write the do not have the sexual reproduction and in order to go for the sexual reproduction they lack the sexual structures in their body hairs in the correct answer hair become sexual