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Class 12






Biological Classification


All are taxonomists except ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: All are taxonomists except

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Text Solution

(a) Linnaeus(b) Duthie (c) Swaminathan (d) Father Santapau

Answer : C

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Chapter NameBiological Classification
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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the question papers all a taxonomic accept so we have given option and we have to find out the odd one out so first we'll see what is tax and what do a taxonomic so he do we classify organisms chapter 5 the organism into categories into so that it is the science of science of naming describing

classifying organisms what comes in their own kind of organism to look around like plants and animals all kind of microbes micro-organisms we say they are all classified according to the rule of taxonomy so will help the options the first of these days lenious so his his full name is linear and she was known as the father of taxonomy

no doubt then we talk about 2 3 2 3 8 August August duty taxonomic Research and stock but Swaminathan is full name is Ms Swaminathan MS Swaminathan but he was a geneticist father of Green revolution father of Green revolution in India

Subah cancer is not a text for show and if you talk about father Centre Paul he was also known for his research taxonomic research on the options which is not who is not a taxonomic answer would be auctioned MS Swaminathan

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