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Class 12






Biotechnology : Principles And Processes


After electrophoresis the sepa...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: After electrophoresis the separated DNA fragment can be visualized ethidium bromide gel exposed UV light . These DNA fragments appear as _______ coloured bands :

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cloningTransformationPCRClonal selection

Answer : A

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Chapter NameBiotechnology : Principles And Processes
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello there there is the question after select two forces the separated DNA fragments can be visualised it is improve my gel exposed UV light these DNA fragments appears as blank colour bands of cloning transformation PCR and clonal selection here we're talking about the technique which is called as electrophoresis and it is used to separate the DNA fragments so how they are separated the instruments are separated on the basis of their size actually the DNA fragments are negatively charged so when they are put under the electric field the move towards the positively charged Pol as the basis of

is the DNA fragments move towards negatively charged to the positively charged according to the side to the smallest fragments run faster than the larger fragments as this they are separated from which the DNA fragments separate according to the size is called as ceiling effect is the instruments are separated then how we do we know that there are separated then will attain them the DNA fragments with a compound which is called as it CDM Bromide followed by a UV exposure struck the banks which are separated by cutting them and then the go to the joining process

joining process with the help of cloning vectors show the option which is the correct answer and which appears there appears as a clone in transmission process this is not related to this one the transformation process is horizontal gene transfer process in which the DNA is transferred from one bacteria to another person's PCR which is also not correct PCL the technique from which amplify the DNA selection is the process from which we recognise the induces b o t cells which recognises antigen which enters into the body this is also not correct

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