Aestivation of petals in family Malvaceae is :-


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hello students to the question has given below scenes estimation of petals in family of malbasey so we talked about the malbasey members members of the malvesi that is China rose leaf and cotton cities as an example of malvaceae family they belong to malvesi family to the options given hair blow that is velvet imbricate twisted and maxillary first of all about the estimation what does masturbation means so estimation is the mode of arrangement of samples this arrangement of sepals sepals are also known as better than the common name in the floral in the Florida but this arrangement in floral Bird
and this is with respect to the other members of the same word is known as aestivation this is known as estimation so we talked about the activation that is seen as a family should this is the twisted aestivation is seen in malvesi family so what happens to cyst twisted aestivation that is so here it is seen that if one margin of other appendage of Oregon ca1 region of the appendages overlap that of the next one should support these are titles sovan margin of the patient this is twisted aestivation and the graphical representation of this twisted aestivation is
like this this suppose this is the one margin and this overlaps the other one like this is overlapped by the other margin this is other margin margin so aur we consider appendages this appendages overlap by the this one and this one is overlapped by this one this is how this condition twisted aestivation is present to this is seen in the malvaceae family so here are third option is correct I hope this is clear to you thank you

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