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Class 12






Animal Types


Aestivation of Frog occurs dur...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Aestivation of Frog occurs during

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Text Solution

Winter Summer Rainy season Autumn

Answer : B

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Chapter NameAnimal Types
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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pahle students the question is is at the instigation of frog occurs during so here we see that there are four options given any to find out the right answer so here it says is starvation starvation meaning of Pharmacy and when it's a summer sleep that means this must be occurring during a conditions of very high temperature outside in the environment so here is that there is midsummer during the midsummer this frog that are unable to tolerate the high temperature of the environment so because of this they are because they are cold blooded right supercross cold blooded animals cannot maintain their body temperature according to the ambient temperature that is the environmental temperature so what they are going to do they are going to reduce the metabolic activity can still under the mud or under the rocks for some time but they come out for sitting so they come out

Krishna d for feeding while we see that this type of process which takes place in the cold blooded animals specifically talking about the frog here will always give it a rest and energy will be required in this time period so here when you talk about the first option that is winter in this case the process is called as hibernation where are you starvation is a process which occurs during mid summer now option number 2 here comes the right answer for this question where are the other options rainy season rainy season is a breeding season for the frogs which is not going to conceal itself in fact it is going to be more actor and autumn is also not the right answer the right answer this question becomes summer that is midsummer option about this is all about this query thank

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