Question : Accessory glands in earthworm are found in segments

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Accessory glands in earthworm are found in segments

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Text Solution

17, 1817, 1919, 20 18, 19

Answer :


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questionnaires date SSC glands in a pound segment 17 18 17 19 19 2018 19 near talking about accessory glands are found in a they are round in shape their rounded and their white appearance white and their fluffy Lucky Man Se so they are a

Rahul bhai and their present on either side of the side of now call the location of accessory glands and their found in psl be told Above and in 17th and 19th segments and fine sweetland so here we have options 1718 which is incorrect then we are 7019 which is correct then 1920 which is also in correct 1819 incorrect so here are correct answer 1719 segments thank you

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QuestionAccessory glands in earthworm are found in segments
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