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Absorption and adsorption...

Absorption and adsorption

Video Solution: Absorption and adsorption

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Absorption is a process in which an ion or molecule gets into a cell or body through a membrane. Whereas adsorption is a process is which accumulation of molecules occurs at the contact surface. It never gets into a cell or body through membrane. Absorption is not surface phenomenon and intermolecular forces do not occur, whereas in adsorption the molecules in contact are held by intermolecular forces. Absorption helps in uptake of minerals and water in plants, whereas adsorption helps in imbibition of water and enzyme activity. Absorption is sometimes an endothermic process whereas adsorption is an exothermic process


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QuestionAbsorption and adsorption
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hello students equation is absorption and adsorption we need to define the following terms will it start with absorption absorption so job is a process in which any substance it may be atom Ion or molecule atom molecules exactly is taken by or is observed by observed by another substance and other substance and specially in solidor

liquid material solid or liquid material absorption is a bulk phenomenon is a bulk phenomenon and absorption is a and endothermic process is the process in which energy is taken from the environment and energy stricken from the surroundings by the system the rate of reaction rate of reaction of absorption is uniform sweet has uniform rate and the concentration of the process of absorption

centration the process of absorption is constant or remains constant throughout the medium and there is no effect of temperature on this process no effect of temperature on absorption and the applications of absorption of the processes in which the process of absorption can be applied applications for example in cold storage ice production Rice production

refrigerants except except for now let's start with the adsorption process adsorption will first discuss what is adsorption absorption is the process in which process in which substances light gas liquids like gas liquids or dissolved solids we can see gas liquids Dixit lose liya the hair

loose least 1 to the surface of another substance to the surface of another substance substances like the gas-liquid sector stick to the surface of another substance and another substance can be solid or liquid solid or liquid now adsorption process is a surface phenomenon surface phenomenon as in this on the surface of another substance and it is a exothermic process which

means energy is released to the environment from the system reaction or we can see its thermic process now in the reaction rate reaction rate increases slowly increases slowly and reach equilibrium as we have studied in the absorption process the rate of reaction was uniform but in the absorption process the reaction really increases slowly and reach your attains equilibrium and concentration vary in the absorption process

concentration where is from bulk to bottom of adsorbent and this process works at lower temperature the temperature has effect on the adoption process and the applications of the adoption process are applications used in water purification systems water purification air conditioning accept your conditioning et cetera so

this was all about the processes of absorption and adsorption thank you