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Class 12






Principles Of Inheritance And Variation


A test cross is carried out:...

A test cross is carried out:

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: A test cross is carried out:


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Determine the genotype of a plant of `F_(2)`Predict whether two traits are linkedAssess the number of alleles of a geneDetermine whether two species or varieties will breed successfully

Answer : A


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A test cross is carried out:
Chapter NamePrinciples Of Inheritance And Variation
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello student Sawal ka the question question is a test cross is carried out options that determine the type of a plant of f to predict whether to treat others the number of values of a gene determine whether two species of varieties will be successfully tress cross test cross it is a cross between it is a cross between F1 progeny or we can see that the in any event with F1 progeny F1 progeny with the cross between F1 progeny with home recessive and recessive

test cross why is test cross is being done by homes either saperan this test cross is used to determine the determine the type of determine the type of a plant is used to determine the type of a plant determine where we will see as law of dominance of people talk about the law of dominance in law of dominance in the conditions exist as dominant gene is expressed in the condition is dominant dominant

will because it is for that dominant Express dominant Express next condition user homozygous homozygous next condition that the comma homozygous recessive condition and third is a heterozygous condition is heterozygous condition because it now point comes under the heterozygous heterozygous contain both so in this case only Express express better understand by taking example of a trade that is plant height which is which could be taller tall is a dominant

in it could be it will be definitely capital the capital T is it is a home arises as it will be small this Malti Malti the plant will be definitely all the plant will be the drugs now in the case of homozygous dominant and our problem because when we made a cross we can stay in the plant if it is at all it could be the it could be the home it could be the heterozygous just made a cross between plants obtain observation we can see

we can't see the genotype of plant it could be it could be the heterozygous to to solve this dilemma and to find the test cross comes across it can make a distinguishing it can make a distinction or we can say that it can differentiate between the dominant it can differentiate between condition as it can clearly tell the type of that plan by making a cross between plant based on the outcome if it will be the difference if it will be the outcome will be the different different different ratios will be obtained to be used on the outcome in cancun

that whether it is a homozygous or the heterozygous so that is the role of s cross now a test process is carried out to determine the gender of genotype of a plant of F2 this is correct because crosses between F1 progeny and the homozygous F1 progeny is having the cross then the obtained at the left only this is correct predict whether two trees are there is no role of interest can you can find out by the number of incorrect determine whether two species of variety will breathe successfully very is element option correct option option

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