A stem with jointed stem is called culm. It has distinct nodes and internodes. It is a characteristic of


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Step by step video solution for A stem with jointed stem is called culm. It has distinct nodes and internodes. It is a characteristic of by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.


everyone social the question is a steam with jointed stem is called so it has distinct nodes and internodes it is and options Bambu finance for all correct show the steam the aerial part of a tree and steam can be broadly divided into 3 type can be divided into 3 type the strong team then weak stem and under ground stem under ground team Rai the rhizome tuber bulb accepted these are the underground stem the rhizome
world and the trailer Creeper or climber desert the weak stem the creeper or climber will particular it is a particularly discuss about the strong stem from stem the strong team disease of four types of phone types the current type its current type 10 Delhi Delhi Din the coordinates and the curl
now the type of the excellent type of this type of steam it develops a branches in such a way that they become a cone like structure and look like temples so they become Koun like structure like structure and cool let me stay there found in coniferous now the deliquescent type the stems of some trees that is short and strong and the branches and the cub branches arranged from the steam in such a way that the trees look like domes so deserve found in a mango aur Beri trees the Dome separate and found in mango trees or Beri trees in the cord so it is unbranched stout and
steam market which cause of fallen leaves touches in cocos disease example cocos and plastic aansu in this the idiot and unbranched stems are nodes and internodes are very distinct and the adventitious root grow from the notes erect a more with distinct nodes and internodes as it has distinct nodes and internodes so come is a typical to bamboo tree the bamboo trees help the come and in the bamboo the term used to describe the bamboo suit itself the come bamboo shoot and comes a hollow but some species of bamboo they have the solid
and each come segment begins and ends with a solid joint called a node free fire free draw that if disease the team of a bamboo there are joints like this disease the solid joint is that the solid join and these joints are called nodes there will be leaves like this the bamboo leaves will be clear and the path between two nodes this part is known as internal inter note and the the full path disease known and as the kam so come is a simply to suit of bamboo or some other trees like a Grass is mainly in grasses and other stages social the correct answer will be
bamboo and the palms will be example of the products and pinus will be example of the excurrent tree

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