Question : A polarized neuron is said to be in

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: A polarized neuron is said to be in

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(a) Action potential(b) Resting potential(c) Conducting stimulus(d) None of these

Answer :


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the question to leave a polarized neurone is said to be in so we have to choose the correct answer from these options if we talked about the polarized neutron it is always in a resting stage which means the neurone is not active it is inactive stage it is not sending any impulses in the membrane or outside there there is Sodium and around inside they are a number of sodium ions more Sodium and only outside of membrane and potassium ion difference in the charge is present outstanding exam

memory and potassium it is also positively charged but it is lesson number that's why inside it is showing negative charge of charge different charge is known as resting membrane potential neurone which is generally - 70 MB under - negative sign is there because there are more number of positive a sodium ions on the outside and less number of potassium inside of the membrane resting membrane potential the new of inactive doesn't send any impulse therefore it is known as potential the state of the neuronal polaroids from the options we can see that a b option resting potential is the correct terms

would be correct answer the cause of action potential it is whether neurone is depolarize Auron active check option also conducted stimulus condition have been correct option which is resting potential

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QuestionA polarized neuron is said to be in
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