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Class 12






Families Of Flowering Plants


A pitcher with nest root occur...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: A pitcher with nest root occurs in

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Nepenthes SarraceniaDischidiaBoth B and C.

Answer : C

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Chapter NameFamilies Of Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello students questionnaire see that a picture with next root occurs in which of the following 12 talk about these three plants all these are basically the insectivorous plants that means they have got heterotrophic mode of nutrition along with the photosynthesis with their carrying out now the picture with nestroots so these nestroots are basically the adventitious roots that is developed from path other than radicals now the plant that is district district the whole is changed into open picture when this plant the leaf will change into a open picture and this picture that means in open feature that means there is no late here so the rain water it keeps on collecting here the rainwater collection in the picture and this will be absorbed throughout year through this nestroots are the advantages of this is also one of the function of the

nest mark option number 3 as a right answer for this question will talk about other two plants that is the 35 and Sarah senior to increase the pictures are meant for catching a digesting the insects this is for catching the insects Where are interested in the nestroots are here for absorption of the water so this absorbs water throughout the year all through the year it is going to absorb water through the water was collected during the Reindeer so here we see that the lamina is modified into a picture leaf Apex gives rise to a coloured light for attracting the insect in case of nepenthe sansara senior to the right answer this question here becomes dissidia that is this is the one which has gotten through this is all about this very thank you

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