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Class 11






Excretory Products And Their Elimination


A nephron's reabsorption mecha...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: A nephron's reabsorption mechanism depends on:

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Text Solution

osmosis across nephron wallactive transport of sodium across nephron walla steep solute concentration gradientall of the above

Answer : D

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Chapter NameExcretory Products And Their Elimination
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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mechanism Dell Inspiron 14 February the Rings of mechanism depends on option Osmosis across restaurant ball after the active transport sodium across electron word of TC solute concentration gradient and the city of a sort of the true or actually out of the Chennai Stadium is one of the factors that determine that is dependent with reference to the restaurants near soft mechanism of these all the deer important to look into them even when you're talking about nephron structure that can we draw a rough diagram here here

first of all we have theme deconvoluted and craft understanding this and then been called for the terminals to the collecting duct taped option different path in detailed understanding what each of them are collecting duct of collecting duct this is a loop of henle loop

of henle result of pct and DCT tct and this is your Cottage reason the lower part is a modular kitchen contact region and the lower part is a material used in this is your glomerular collecting the collecting process of collecting the guilty about it to get find with reference to the diagrams what do we see from what is Osmosis it is the exchange to memory so that each and every nutrients and their get top from Old part 3

release year 3 the NaCl salt water for the nutrients Osmosis stitching and is an important factor on which the years option will depend by which is it easily absorption does not then Osmosis build effective option is not increase of possible the affected and therefore reabsorption mite terminate or it might be slowed down after just what we have active transport of sodium and potassium and therefore we can see that story potassium balance is created and similarly we can see of concentration gradient which is important by which is when did Steve solute in this

concentration gradient better absorption and for the processes will take place through their efficiency technique talk about nephron structure and mechanism it depends upon all the three factors that is Osmosis across an App from want all across that an active transport of sodium and across the nephron what is it parents is Sodium Potassium and the ionic balances and further the Steve solute of concentration gradient is important to out of this we will get to know that a right answer is opportunity that all of the


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