A fruit having differentiation of epicarp, mesocarp and stony endocarp is


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Step by step video solution for A fruit having differentiation of epicarp, mesocarp and stony endocarp is by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


Sachin latest find the solution for this question question says a fruit having differentiation of epica Mizo ka Panna stone endocarp is ok now the options are buried Roop psychosis and neurosis is very simple latest try to find out with the help of this figure when they will be observed this figure ok The outermost layer it is generally hard this is of a coconut The outermost layer is very hard that is ap ka but it's some cases it is thin or so then when we reached to this yellow part this is between speaker and black with line is our and Dhoka OK so the layer between that is called as a Mizo ka ok flashy this is a little bit fleshy part the outermost is thin this is fleshy that endocarp is again letitbit flesh again a little bit thin
and when we see the inside main endocarp OK it is actually stony not then also it will consider it as a stoney more precisely because if we see the structure it is toning ok they not saying the thickness of it here ok and it can be from inside it can be a fleshy bit of that that is endosperm but not in all the cases for example when we talk about the plum ok in plum we can see the outer layer is very thin so thin epica then inside we have the fleshy red coloured part fleshy so that is our car and when we see the seed icsid is very in tact ok to stony sweaters endocarp so all these are all these are what all these are our other parts of the
fruit ok and these are found in the groups so the correct answer is B I hope this is clarified a doubt

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