(a) Describe the histological structure of human testis with the help of a labelled diagram. (b) Discuss the significance of extra-abdominal location of testes.

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(a) Internally each testis is divided into about250 testicular lobules by ingrowths of capsule of testis. Each testicular lobule has one to three convoluted tubules called seminiferous tubules or crypts. Each crypt is lined by germinal epithelium which is formed of cuboidal germ cells (form sperms) and pyramidal-shaped sertoli or nurse cells (provide nutrition to developing sperms).Scattered in interstitial spaces between seminiferous tubules, there are groups of endocrine cells, called Leydig.s cells, which secrete androgens, most important of which is testosterone.
(b) In human male, testes are extra-abdominal in position and lie in skin pouches, called scrotal sacs, which act as thermoregulators and keep the testicular temperature 2āˆ˜C lower than the body temperature for normal spermatogenesis.

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