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Morphology Of Flowering Plants


A composite/sorosis fruit is ...

A composite/sorosis fruit is

Video Solution: A composite/sorosis fruit is

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Banana Pineapple Pear Coconut

Answer : B


Step by step video solution for A composite/sorosis fruit is by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.

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QuestionA composite/sorosis fruit is
Chapter NameMorphology Of Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students with the questionnaire says a composite sorosis fruit is the first option is banana S pineapple 3rd year and put one is coconut so there are many type of fruits like the temple composite and aggregate type of fruit aggregate fruit Subah talk about the simple fruits there are over obtained from the they are developed from the ovary single talk about aggregate fruits fruits developed from single flower but may have more than one ovary and the composer through this one from the inflorescence and services and other tissues may also involve in this type of fruit development so we are talking about composite

so we talk about composite fruit so composite fruit which is also called multiple fruit fruit this multiple fruit mainly consists of cirrhosis sorosis and reserve to type talk about sorosis it develops from mainly developed from spike or flower where all the flowers are used by parents and as a result of inflorescence result of which the sense that impact this is the condition and services occur so the composite Psoriasis example is Pineapple

correct option is second option here is correct that is Pineapple I hope this is clear to you thank you