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Class 10






Absorption By Roots


A candidate in order to study ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: A candidate in order to study the process of osmosis has taken 3 potato cubes and put them in 3 different beakers containing 3 different solutions. After 24 hours, in the first beaker, the potato cube increased in size, in the second beaker, the potato cube decreased in size and in the third beaker there was no change in the size of the potato cube. The following diagram shows the result of the same experiment : <img src="" width="80%"> In beaker 3, the size of the potato cube remains the same. Explain the reason in brief.

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Chapter NameAbsorption By Roots
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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so we need to tell in the size of the particular the same explain the reason why did the size of the potato remain the same in the military to understand the answer of this need to understand what is the process supports the scissors semipermeable membrane and have to solute concentration is low where is Hayat water molecules have will be from solute consideration when it is slow to the solute concentration hi OK so this is the movement of water molecules and this is what ossc

now suppose in the given questions they said why there was any change in a Potato size so suppose this solution is the medium solution we have to consideration and ok and this is the solution of the this is the sale of the potato Kyon ok and had also the concentration is an concentrations of no exchange right there will be no change in the potato size where does it happen it happens in case of isotonic solution that means the mediums concentration was same to the potato Kyon concentration

so3 the size of the potato remains the same explain in brief the reason is that the medians consideration was same as the concentration of the cell of potato cubes is created isotonic solution and that's why there were no Osmosis no Osmosis was there and hence there was no change in thank you so much

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