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Application Of Biotechnology


A bioreactor is ...

A bioreactor is

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

fermentation tankculture of bacteriahybridomaculture for synthesis of new chemicals.

Answer : A


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QuestionA bioreactor is
Chapter NameApplication Of Biotechnology
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girls look at the question here bioreactor is what is a bioreactor and where it is used in reactor is used in the biotechnology for the chemical engineering it is used in chemical engineering Hindi optimum environment is provided in this environment is provided for the growth of Recombinant sale for growth of Recombinant sale optimum environment is provided

you are providing pH then supplying of seasons water and everything which is necessary for the growth of Recombinant bacteria means you are doing culture of bacteria here so here we cannot say it is fermentation change it is used for culture of bacteria for the growth of bacteria this one is correct hybridomas are not made by this bioreactors and culture for synthesis of new chemical not for the new chemical we can play it directly through it is providing the culture media that is real media so beautiful